materiality matters

Issue 1

Feel the love

It’s in our nature to reach out and touch things. We can’t just look— we need to feel with our fingertips. Textures tell us stories when they brush against our skin. They can catch us by surprise, transport us to new places and bring back memories we thought we’d lost.


The art of performance

The best things are built to last, and keep performing no matter what life throws at them. Longevity helps us form lasting bonds that make our relationships more meaningful over time.

With just the right balance of both science and craftsmanship, evergreen beauty and ongoing usability, we keep things fresh and future proof.


Earth friendly

Good business is sustainable, and good design leaves nothing to waste. By breathing new life into materials that would normally get left behind, we can make a real difference in the world around us. And help leave it a better place than we found it.

So we’re giving materials a second life. After all, the cycle of rebirth is nature’s truest course.


Seven New Palettes

Steelcase is unveiling seven new palettes that are all about feel. Whether it’s the texture in your hands or the emotions they evoke, they’re designed to leave you feeling alive.

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